Admission for Surgery & Making an Appointment

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Moorfields Private Outpatient Centre

9-11 Bath Street

Practice Manager
Ms Debbie Keane

T: +44 (0) 7539 525 791
E: [email protected]

Consulting times: Monday mornings and Thursday evenings.

The London Claremont Clinic

50-52 New Cavendish Street

Practice Manager
Mrs Fiona Shiels

T: +44 (0) 777 333 1103
E: [email protected]

Consulting times: 8:30am – 5:30pm Tuesdays only.

Attending Your Appointment

Moorfields Eye Hospital is approximately 200 metres north of Old Street Tube Station on City Road. Take subway 4 from the tube station and follow the green line which leads to the hospital complex.

Moorfields Private Outpatients Centre is located on Bath Street which is just at the end of Cayton Street and to the right.

The London Claremont Clinic

The London Claremont Clinic, 50-52 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 8TL is situated between Oxford Circus and Regents Park tube stations and is a ten-minute walk.

There is usually metered parking available in the surrounding area.

Your Appointment

It would be most helpful if you could arrive a few minutes early as you will be asked to complete a patient registration form. Please bring any information relevant to your eye complaint including previous reports, records and details of any current medication.

Mr. Barton may need to use drops to dilate the pupil of the eye in order to carry out his investigation, these drops will result in blurred vision and can take up to four hours to wear off, so you may wish to have someone accompany you. You may also find dark glasses helpful against sun glare while the pupils are dilated following your appointment.

If you are a contact lens wearer please bring a container with you and you will need to remove your lenses during the examination.

You must not drive until your vision returns to normal.

Appointment Fees

The fee for a new consultation is £350.

The fee for a follow-up consultation is £160.

Fees for Telephone consultations will range from £50 – £160 according to the duration. A written report will be supplied following each telephone consultation.

Please note a cancellation charge of £100 may be levied if an appointment is cancelled with less than twenty-four hours’ notice (except for telephone consultations).

A number of tests may be deemed necessary on the day and are charged separately by the clinic and not by Keith Barton. These include Visual Field Testing, Optic Nerve or Retinal OCT, Pachymetry (measurement of the Central Corneal Thickness) and Visual Acuity Measurement.

Payment must be made on the day unless your insurer has authorised the consultation and tests in advance. For all non-insured patient’s payment must be made on the day. The clinic accepts all forms of payment excluding American Express.

Admission for Surgery

Keith Barton’s routine operating lists are held on alternate Wednesdays at Moorfields Eye Hospital, 162 City Road, London EC1V 2PD. He also operates frequently on an ad hoc basis according to patient demand and operating theatre availability.

The following instructions apply only to the routine alternate Wednesday operating lists so please clarify with the Practice Manager’s when you are booked as different instructions will apply to ad hoc operating lists.

Routine Wednesday Operating Lists – Instructions for the day of surgery

Please arrive at the hospital at the time stated on your admission letter and proceed to Cumberlege Wing, 4th Floor, where the Admissions Officer will show to your room. There are no special requirements to take with you to the hospital other than your usual personal requirements, this may include any medication you take routinely.

You will be admitted as a daycase unless it is medically necessary for you to stay overnight.

Prior to surgery, you will be seen by Mr. Barton who, after discussing the risks and benefits of surgery, will ask you to sign a consent form, mark your eye for surgery and organise any preoperative medication that may be required.

Mr. Barton will perform your operation in the afternoon, and if general anaesthesia is planned, you must fast for six hours before the operation. You will receive an admission letter stating any necessary fasting time. You will be required to inform us in advance if you have any drug allergies, are diabetic or suffer from any other chronic medical condition that might affect your fitness for surgery.

Please be aware that the surgical fee quoted does not include post-operative consultations, tests or medication you receive upon leaving the hospital. Any medication must be paid for on the day and is not reimbursable by your insurer.

Mr. Barton’s fee must be settled prior to surgery. Please call 07539 525791 to make a card payment or you can pay by BACS using the invoice number as reference.

The hospital fee must be settled 48 hours before surgery by card payment.

Dr. David Celaschi’s fee will be collected by his secretary in advance of the surgery.

You may be required to have the following carried out: ECG, FBC, U&E and if you are staying overnight, you may also require an MRSA swab.

After Surgery

If you are having cataract surgery, have had no previous glaucoma surgery and do not have advanced glaucoma, you will not be seen the following day unless there is a specific reason, but will be given a post-operative follow-up appointment one to two weeks later. You will be asked to use steroid and antibiotic eyedrops, in addition to any glaucoma medication, for roughly one month after surgery.

If you are having glaucoma surgery, have had previous glaucoma surgery or do have moderate to advanced glaucoma, Mr Barton, or one of his associates, will see you for a check-up the following day. You will be given a time for this on the day before surgery. On arrival, please make yourself known to the nurses at the Cumberlege Wing nursing station and ask them to remove the dressing.

You will be prescribed separate postoperative eye-drops in addition to any glaucoma medication that you might be taking for up to 2 – 3 months after surgery and given instructions for the care of the eye in the post operative period. You will usually be given a further post-operative appointment the following week. If you are having Trabeculectomy or Aqueous Shunt (Tube) surgery, you will be seen roughly once weekly for one month after surgery and less frequently thereafter.